Environmental Leadership

NextEra Energy Resources believes it's important to operate its business in harmony with the environment.


NextEra Energy Resources believes providing energy to power our nation should have minimal impact on the environment. We generate electricity by using the wind, the sun, water, natural gas and nuclear power - clean or renewable energy. We have a responsibility to provide energy to our customers while doing so in a way that's sensitive to our environment. It's a delicate balance - and one that we're committed to maintaining. We do this during each stage of project development and operations. 


Sustainability goes beyond simply using renewable and clean energy sources to generate electricity. It demonstrates the respect NextEra Energy Resources has for the land when we develop, build and operate our power plants - how we minimize our impact on wildlife, land and water. Our actions in this area have been acknowledged in environmental awards and recognitions.

Golden Hills North Wind Energy Center

Golden Hills North Repowering

Breathing new life into an old project - NextEra Energy Resources joined Sonoma Clean Power in repowering the Golden Hills North Wind Energy Center in California. The project removed 283 30-year-old wind turbines, replacing them with just 20 2.3-megawatt GE turbines. The site is now capable of generating even more power with twice the efficiency of the previous wind project.

This initiative breathed new life into an old project, reducing the impact on the environment and providing good jobs and meaningful economic benefits for the local economy. An affiliate of NextEra Energy Resources owns and operates the Golden Hills North Wind Project.

Advancing California’s environmental preservation – NextEra Energy Resources has contributed more than $1.7 million to date toward wildlife preservation and research and contributed approximately $500,000 when the Golden Hills North Project is operational. The investment in research will help with the continual improvement of turbine siting as well as further studies on avian populations.

Economic boost – The project created a significant economic boost for Alameda County, creating hundreds of union jobs during the construction phase and provided full-time employment opportunities. The project will provide more than $10 million in property tax benefits to Alameda County over its projected 30-year operational life. From labor and materials, to housing, health care and construction, a wide variety of local businesses benefit from the influx of economic activity.