Commitment to Clean Energy

The Benefit of Renewable Energy

Three of the most critical issues that are faced today are the need for economic strength and vitality, the need to slow or reverse the effects of global climate change, and the need for affordable, reliable energy. As the largest generator of wind and solar energy in North America, NextEra Energy Resources is helping address these issues. Clean and renewable energy sources can help reduce our use of fossil fuels while at the same time empowering a new era of economic growth.

Clean, Reliable and Affordable Energy

Nearly 11,300 megawatts of wind energy and 785 megawatts of solar energy make NextEra Energy Resources the largest generator of clean, renewable energy in North America. We invest in renewable energy because it makes financial sense – but equally important, because it pays dividends toward a clean environment.

Largest Wind Generator in North America

NextEra Energy Resources has invested $13 billion in developing and building wind energy projects. In 2014, our wind power plants were capable of generating enough clean, renewable electricity to power approximately 3.4 million homes.  At the same time, our wind facilities have enabled our customers who have purchased the renewable attributes to reduce 2014 emissions that would have otherwise been released into the atmosphere from other sources of power generation, including more than 26.8 million tons of carbon dioxide, more than 51,900 tons of sulfur dioxide, and more than 33,400 tons of nitrogen oxide.

One of the Largest U.S. Solar Generator

NextEra Energy Resources is one of the largest generators of solar power in the country. The company operates seven Solar Electric Generating Systems (SEGS) facilities as well as Genesis and Desert Sunlight Solar Energy Centers, all in California. The company also has solar facilities in New Mexico, Nevada, New Jersey and Canada.  In all, NextEra Energy Resources operates solar facilities totaling nearly 785 megawatts.