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Being Responsible

NextEra Energy Resources believes providing energy to power our nation should have minimal impact on the environment. We generate electricity by using the wind, the sun, water, natural gas and nuclear power - clean and sustainable energy. We have a responsibility to provide energy to all our customers while doing so in a way that's sensitive to our environment. It's a delicate balance - and one that we're committed to maintaining.

Commitment to Clean Energy

Proving that clean energy is the solution

  • The cost of carbon
  • Renewable energy
  • World's largest generator of wind and solar energy
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Sustaining the Future

Leaving the gentlest footprint on the planet that we can

  • The gentlest footprint
  • Air
  • Water
  • Land
  • Wildlife
  • Energy efficiency
  • Conservation
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Research and Studies

Sharing new studies that demonstrate no negative impacts from wind turbines.

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