An Environmental Steward

NextEra Energy Resources believes it's important to operate its business in harmony with the environment.

Project siting and development

  • Identifying potential environmental impacts
  • Taking actions to reduce any effects
  • Working with federal, state and local environmental organizations


  • Seeking to have the smallest footprint on the land and other resources
  • Working closely with community organizations, landowners and residents


  • Managing water wisely as a valued natural resource
  • Protecting air quality
  • Ensuring land conservation
  • Minimizing impacts on wildlife near our facilities
  • Properly disposing of materials required for company operation


  • Conducting and funding research and development in the fields of energy, energy technologies and energy sources
  • Investing financially in energy projects, sources, technologies and services for a clean energy future
  • Providing financing and capital investment to companies, programs, projects and activities in the field of clean energy
  • Funding and sponsoring greenhouse gas emission reduction initiatives and projects