Providing Community Support

Community Benefits

In addition to helping meet electricity needs, our wind facilities:

  • Boost employment through adding high-quality jobs to the local area
  • Add to the local county tax base
  • Provide economic stimulus of landowner lease payments
  • Create no air or water pollution
  • Use no water in the generation of electricity
  • Allow land to remain in agricultural use


Local Events

NextEra Energy Resources is actively involved in the community. Examples of how our employees support community organizations across the country include:
  • Participating in and raising funds for Relays for Life in many states
  • Serving as a volunteer fire brigade in Maine and responding to local calls for assistance
  • Supporting area science fairs and coastal cleanups in New Hampshire
  • Hosting students, girl and boy scouts, and community groups on energy center visits
  • Sponsoring activities for the Boys and Girls Club in Texas
  • Helping in the national Beach Clean-up activities in New Hampshire
  • Supporting United Way activities from coast to coast


Career Development Partnerships

NextEra Energy Resources initiated two partnerships with Texas State Technical College and North Iowa Area Community College as other ways to share information on wind energy and help develop careers in this field. The program educates and trains students in wind-turbine technology.

NextEra Energy Resources assists by:
  • Offering subject matter experts and faculty adjuncts
  • Allowing opportunities for participants to interact with NextEra Energy Resources wind experts, on and off campus
  • Providing paid internships within NextEra Energy Resources' wind operations
  • Working with the college to secure the equipment and other resources for laboratory facilities