How The Process Begins

Sometimes landowners hear about NextEra Energy Resources and call to inquire about wind energy. Sometimes NextEra Energy Resources contacts landowners to ask if they're interested. From there, work begins on land agreements and the development process.

Land Agreements

NextEra Energy Resources will want to explore the suitability of land identified for a wind project. We’ll want to talk to neighbors to see if they’re interested as well to enable us to assemble enough land to build a project. If, after our initial assessment, the area is promising, NextEra Energy Resources will enter into a land use option agreement with landowners, which may provide additional time for further evaluation of the property for the possibility of wind development.


It can be several years from our first conversation to the point that NextEra Energy Resources is ready to begin construction on a wind project. When NextEra Energy Resources has all of the permits and environmental reviews completed and the proposed wind project is nearing reality, contracts will be provided to each landowner. The contract is confidential, but every contract contains key elements in it.