How Landowners and The Community Benefit

Landowners who host wind turbines receive payment for each wind turbine on their land, but landowners are not the only beneficiaries. The benefits of hosting a wind farm extend beyond the individual landowner into the community, through
additional jobs, increased tax revenue, NextEra Energy Resources' support of local community activities and purchase of local goods and services.

Easement Payments

Easement payments are paid to landowners based on the number of wind turbines on their land. The payments are established in a contract between NextEra Energy Resources and the landowner. NextEra Energy Resources will offer a limited amount of money for review of the contract by an attorney of their choice. The payment per turbine varies from site to site. Payments are based on the quality of the wind resource, proximity to existing transmission lines and current market conditions for electricity in the area.


NextEra Energy Resources pays all project-related taxes required by state and local governments. The amount of tax payments depends upon taxation laws in the host state or county. NextEra Energy Resources pays any taxes assessed against the wind turbines on the landowner’s property.

Goods and Services

During the construction and operation of a wind project, goods and services are needed to support the wind facility. Those goods and services can include hardware, paving and construction materials, office supplies, catering services and much more. NextEra Energy Resources makes every effort to obtain goods and services in the host community, when possible.

Community Support

Every community has unique needs. NextEra Energy Resources works with the host community and its leaders to identify and support community activities and/or organizations. NextEra Energy Resources supports education and environmental activities, the arts, health care and a wide range of community services.

Clean, Homegrown Energy

Let’s not forget the clean, renewable homegrown energy used in the landowner’s community and region. Wind energy has an important role to play in helping our nation solve its energy, economic and environmental issues.