Frequently Asked Questions

Landowners who are considering hosting wind turbines will have many questions. Here are some frequently asked questions.

What is NextEra Energy Resources looking for to build a wind project?
If I have land and want you to assess its suitability for a wind project, how do I get you to come out to look at it?
How much land does a wind project require?
How much income can a wind turbine generate for a landowner?
What does a land easement cover?
Am I liable for accidents or injuries on my land?
Is construction planned around harvest / planting seasons?
Is there construction traffic?
Can I lease my land for other things after I lease to you?
Can I still have hunting leases after I sign?
How long will it take to complete construction?
Who pays the taxes if I have wind turbines on my land?
If I am a current landowner and have questions, who can I contact?