Solar Solutions for Education

Investing in Our Future Generations

When every spending decision has the potential to impact education, perhaps nobody is more aware of the bottom line than school administrators. For those trying to reduce overhead, private generation may reduce your future spending with no upfront costs*.

Using the rooftop space on buildings or surrounding land, your school or university can enter a long-term power purchase agreement to offset daily electrical expenses and ensure that energy costs stay predictable into the future.

A solar power plant can enable your school or university to:

  • Generate your own clean, affordable electricity
  • Lock in predictable, long-term energy rates and protect your school’s budget from energy price volatility
  • Achieve sustainability goals
  • Educate students about renewable energy, supporting their commitment to the environment and their future

Contact us today to learn more about how NextEra Energy Resources can help your school or university save money while educating our future generations.

* A solar power system is customized for your school or university, so pricing and savings vary based on location, weather, shade, system size, government rebates and local utility rates. Savings on your total electricity costs is not guaranteed. See our case studies to find out more.