Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about this clean, renewable source of energy.


What is solar energy used for?

There are numerous uses for solar energy, including heating water for residential use, space heating of buildings, drying agricultural products and generating electrical energy.


What are some advantages of solar energy?

After the initial investment in solar-energy equipment, the costs are minimal since the sun provides free "fuel." These facilities are not affected by the supply and demand of fuel and subject to price volatility, and solar energy can help reduce our dependence on foreign sources of energy. Solar energy is also clean and renewable, which helps protect our environment.


How many solar energy plants are used to generate electricity in the U.S. and where are they located?

Eleven plants are located in California and two in Arizona. No statistics are being collected on solar plants that produce less than 1 megawatt of electricity, so there may be smaller solar plants in a number of other states. (Source: Energy Information Administration, Department of Energy)


What percentage of generation does solar energy represent in NextEra Energy Resources' portfolio?

Solar energy represents about 11 percent of NextEra Energy Resources' generation.