Energy Storage Solutions for Our Customers

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Energy storage is a promising way to store electrical energy so it's available to meet demand whenever needed. We can help customers who are looking for energy services and products that provide flexibility and value in renewable energy, grid reliability and peaking power.

We are using batteries for energy storage as costs have declined. Very simply, these energy storage systems work by charging and discharging batteries and are safe and reliable.

Energy Storage has low environmental impacts

Energy storage projects do not require a large area for development and can be scaled to the needed size. We typically site a project near existing electrical transmission or distribution systems, and often, close to an existing renewable energy project. This minimizes impact to the surrounding area. These projects also result in:

  • No greenhouse gases or other air pollutants
  • No use of water to generate electricity
  • A renewable supply of energy

Facts at a Glance

  • Have projects in operation or under development in six states and one Canadian province
  • Work with six Independent System Operators
  • Approximately 90 megawatts of operational battery energy storage
  • Our U.S. operational sites or those under development are located in Arizona, California, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Maine, Pennsylvania, and Texas
  • Battery energy storage projects are also under development in Ontario, Canada

Advantages of energy storage

  • Enhances the electrical grid – energy storage can balance load on the power system grid and is capable of responding much faster than traditional fossil power plants. Energy is stored when demands are low and supplied to the power grid when demands are high.
  • Helps integrate renewable resources – operators can more easily bring on and off renewable energy. This reduces the need for other services that keep the power system in balance.
  • May defer expensive upgrades – energy storage can reduce loads on congested power systems and may defer expensive upgrades. The technology may also reduce the need for new power plants to meet peak energy loads.

NextEra Energy Resources is the best choice for energy storage

We are the world's largest generator of wind and solar energy and have earned a reputation for excellence and best-in-class development skills. We are positioned to become a leader in energy storage because we have the expertise, scale, size and scope of services.

By working with us, customers can:

  • Gain monetary benefits while we help mitigate the technology complexity and vendor risk
  • Benefit from our significant purchasing power and our ability to buy energy storage equipment at lowest possible cost
  • Realize customized storage solutions to meet unique requirements

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