Dam Renewal Projects

Upper Dam - 2012 Schedule Update

August - September construction

During August, equipment and materials arrived at the site, and construction started on access roads for the crane that will be used to build the auxiliary spillway. A temporary parking lot has also been constructed to replace the parking lot that is unavailable due to our construction access road. The project dock is being put back in the water for better boater access, and the 5 MPH speed limit is being closely monitored.

In September, the frame for the sheetpile will be set up, and workers will start driving sheetpile. The crew will also be drilling to set vertical beams to help support the auxiliary spillway.

It is our intention to continue operating the water levels of Mooselookmeguntic Lake within normal operating limits as defined and required under the license granted by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. There are no plans to operate outside of these license requirements at any time during the entirety of the Upper Dam construction project. However, as with any year, unusual precipitation conditions may result in some variance to historical operating conditions.

This website will be updated periodically to provide the latest information. We encourage you and other interested parties to visit the site frequently to obtain updates. Plans are subject to change based upon regulatory approvals and project logistics. Posted: Aug. 24, 2012.


NextEra Energy Resources is planning to modify the Upper and Middle Dams on Mooselookmeguntic Lake and Richardson Lake, respectively, in western Maine. This work is needed to meet design requirements established by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Licensing hydroelectric facilities is among FERC's responsibilities. Preliminary work on the dams began in 2009, and construction is expected to occur over the next several years.


During modification work, access across the dams will be limited during certain periods of time. A schedule of the closings will be posted on this website. NextEra Energy Resources will work with contractors to provide access to the docks. Fishing and boating access may be impacted by construction activities; however, these situations will be addressed individually as they arise during construction.

The modifications to Upper and Middle Dams are planned to include the following:

  • Regrading of the downstream slope of the embankments to meet the new design requirements
  • Adding additional material along the upstream embankment slope to prevent erosion
  • Raising the elevation of the saddle dike at Upper Dam in the area of the canoe portage to the new design flood elevation; the work will maintain the general character of the portage
  • Raising the elevation of the Black Cat Dike at Middle Dam to the new design flood elevation
  • Rebuilding or replacing the existing spillways and bridges to allow for the design flood flowrates to be safely passed downstream through the structures

For more information, please contact us.