Renewable Energy Certificates

NextEra Energy Resources, a World Leader in Renewable Energy

We have more than 25 years of experience building and operating renewable energy facilities such as wind and solar. NextEra Energy Resources is the largest renewable energy generator in North America. The Renewable Energy Certificates, or RECs, that we generate provide corporations and institutions with a convenient way to purchase renewable energy, offset carbon emissions and encourage new clean energy development.

What are Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, one REC avoids 1,400 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. (For comparison, the average U.S. home is responsible for 1,917 pounds of CO2 emissions per month.) Renewable energy also avoids the emission of other pollutants such as oxides of nitrogen and sulfur dioxide, both of which contribute significantly to ozone pollution and human health concerns.

RECs provide for the transfer of the environmental benefits associated with renewable energy between parties and are an important value stream for renewable energy projects. RECs are used to meet certain state renewable energy requirements, but also allow stakeholders to meet corporate sustainability or greenhouse gas emission reduction goals. Individuals who choose to mitigate their own impact on the environment can also benefit from RECs.
  • RECs enable anyone, in any geographic location, to claim the emission avoidance associated with energy production and support renewable energy development.
  • RECs provide green power options in areas that may not be suitable for renewable resources, allowing renewable facilities to be located where they are the most efficient.
  • A REC is created when one megawatt-hour of renewable energy is produced from a qualified renewable energy generation plant.
  • RECs represent the energy's avoided emissions benefit when compared to energy being produced from a facility burning fossil fuels.
  • Only the owner of the REC can claim the environmental benefits of the clean energy production.

Benefits of RECs

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) provide corporations and institutions a convenient way to purchase renewable energy, offset carbon emissions and encourage new clean energy development. The benefits to corporations, institutions and the environment include:
  • Helping to fight climate change by reducing your corporation's carbon footprint
  • Building stronger stakeholder relationships with customers, investors, employees and the community
  • Strengthening your brand image and increasing competitive advantage
  • Promoting your sustainability efforts and environmental responsibility
  • Supporting both existing and future demand for clean renewable energy development by making it more cost-competitive
  • Assuring that more certified renewable energy is delivered to the power grid, thus requiring less fossil fuel sources to power our country's energy needs

Benefits of purchasing NextEra Energy Resources RECs

When buying RECs directly from NextEra Energy Resources, you receive added benefits:
  • Association of your organization with the U.S. leader in renewable energy generation
  • Avoidance of the costs associated with third-party marketers and resellers
  • Affiliation with an award-winning company recognized for its 20-year history of environmental leadership, stewardship and partnerships
  • RECs sourced from a company with world-class expertise in large-scale development, construction and operation of wind/solar facilities
  • Customizable products – our geographically diverse facilities allow for flexibility in preferred source location, mix and vintage
  • Security from a company with strong financial backing – credit size and strength for performance assurance and stability (U.S. owned)
  • NextEra Energy Resources offers Green-e Energy Certified REC products

Corporate and Institutional Engagement

Renewable Energy Certificates, or RECs, are purchased in the voluntary market by corporations that wish to operate in a more sustainable manner. A REC represents electricity produced from a renewable energy source and the avoidance of carbon dioxide emissions. REC purchases effectively convert standard electricity to renewable forms that do not contribute to climate change. Corporations are entitled to claim the carbon (greenhouse gas) reductions that are associated with their purchase of clean, renewable energy. NextEra Energy Resources can assist your business or institution analyze and evaluate the environmental effects of purchasing RECs.

A growing number of businesses and institutions are taking action on environmental issues to demonstrate social responsibility and to strengthen stakeholder relationships with customers, investors, employees and the community. For example, a large number of universities and Fortune 500 companies are developing conservation and energy-efficiency programs, as well as purchasing emission offset products, to mitigate their greenhouse gas emissions. Through a variety of company initiatives, more businesses are achieving the so-called triple bottom line results (people, planet and profits) demanded by customers, employees, local communities and investors. With these increasing expectations from important stakeholders comes a greater need for companies to act in both a transparent and environmentally friendly manner.

EarthEra Renewable Energy Trust

The EarthEra Renewable Energy Trust ensures the tangible impact of  your corporate sustainability efforts by guaranteeing that expended funds are dedicated to the construction of new renewable energy facilities.

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NextEra Energy Wind REC is Green-e Energy certified, and meets the environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions. Learn more at