Nuclear - Benefits of Nuclear Plants

Nuclear power plants are a clean energy source because the plants don't burn any fuel to produce electricity. Nuclear power plant operation produces virtually no pollutants or greenhouse gases that may cause global warming.

Land Conservation

We are also committed to preserving natural resources at our nuclear power plant sites. For instance:
  • Seabrook Station uses only one-tenth of its 900-acre property for power production purposes. The remaining property is left in its natural habitat and serves as a wildlife preserve, providing homes to plant and wildlife species.
  • Duane Arnold uses only about one-third of the 500-acre property for power production purposes – the remaining acreage is used by local farmers for crop production and animal grazing.

Wildlife Protection

We believe in our responsibility to operate in harmony with the environment and protect wildlife at our nuclear power plant sites. Being located on marshlands adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean, Seabrook Station has also played a key role as an environmental steward. For the last five years the plant has supported the New Hampshire Estuary Project, an organization working to improve the water quality in the Hampton/Seabrook Estuary. The station’s marsh and wooded areas are also home to a wide variety of birds and other animals, many of which can be observed on the Owascoag Nature Trail – a nearly one-mile boardwalk that winds through a portion of the plant site and provides opportunities for public viewing of the natural habitat. Duane Arnold Energy Center has been involved in a successful nesting program for the endangered osprey -- the first time ospreys have been attracted to this portion of Iowa in many years. 

Environmental Education

Seabrook Station also provides a visitors’ center called the Science & Nature Center. More than 500,000 visitors have toured the center, which offers more than 15 interactive educational exhibits on nuclear energy and the thriving ecosystem that surrounds the plant. The facility hosts an average of 2,000 to 3,000 students annually on field trips by appointment, providing guided tours and free, hands-on science programs.   Point Beach Nuclear Plant also operates a visitors' center, recently celebrating its 40th anniversary.