Seabrook - All About Seabrook's 20-Year License Renewal

What is License Renewal?

Similar to a driver's license that needs to be renewed to allow continued driving, a nuclear power plant also needs to renew its license to continue operating. This is a comprehensive multi-year process by which nuclear plant operating companies can apply to extend the operations of their plants for an additional 20 years beyond the original license term. A federal government agency -- the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) -- will thoroughly review the license renewal application of more than 1,900 pages. This process includes a safety and environmental analysis to ensure continued safe operation of the plant.

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Safety is Always First

Seabrook Station has consistently been recognized by the nuclear industry as a top-performing plant. The members of Seabrook's team are committed to excellence, and work together to ensure a safety culture where protection of public health and safety is always the highest priority.

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Electricity for the Next Generation

The team at NextEra Energy Seabrook has been providing environmentally friendly energy for 1.4 million families and businesses for more than 26 years. Renewing the license means Seabrook Station will continue to serve the region into the next generation with safe, clean, and reliable electricity.

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Positive Impact on the Region

Seabrook Station plays a significant role in the regional economy. The Seabrook team is made up of about 500 people with an annual payroll of approximately $100 million. Additionally, property taxes attributed to Seabrook's operations are more than $20 million each year. NextEra Energy Seabrook is also a leading corporate citizen. Members of the team serve their communities as elected town officials and volunteer firefighters/EMTs. They provide thousands of hours to numerous civic and community arts organizations, and make significant contributions to United Way agencies each year.

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License Renewal Application

View the application as currently posted on the NRC web site.

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