Project Development & Construction

For the past two decades, NextEra Energy Resources has been steadily developing, building or acquiring a fleet of power-generating facilities across the country. From a small company in the 1980s to today’s undisputed North American leader in wind energy, our company reflects experience. We have developed a “tried-and-true” method of project development and construction. Standardized processes and procedures ensure consistent, repeatable results from site to site.

Our dedication to quality and continuous improvement also sets us apart from others in the business of project development and construction.

A focused approach

Our NextEra Energy project development and construction team focuses on safety, environmental stewardship, speed to market and quality. Our attention to detail in all these areas results in high reliability and availability once the generating unit is operational.

Community approach

There's more to building generating facilities than plans and processes. There are people to consider as well. As we plan our project developments and enter the construction phase, we want to be the first – and best – source of information about the project in the community. We share information through:
  • Meetings with landowners, residents and community leaders
  • Open houses and groundbreakings
  • Written materials at the site

Development, operation and management of generation facilities

NextEra Energy Resources also develops, operates and manages electrical generation facilities for others, including providing construction management services necessary for the construction of a project; procurement of the land, labor, materials and equipment necessary to develop, operate and maintain an electrical generation facility; permitting, planning and laying out the electrical generating facility; and operation and maintenance services once an electrical generation facility becomes operational.

Generation repair and service

We also provide maintenance and repair services for wind farms and wind turbines, including parts and components, such as gearboxes (post-construction).