Solar - Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar energy is a clean, renewable resource that is continuously supplied to the earth by the sun. Solar resources are available everywhere in the United States, although some areas receive less sunlight than others, depending on the climate and seasons. The greatest solar resources are located in the Southwestern states. (Source: Environmental Protection Agency)

Lower Air Emissions

Solar facilities, including NextEra Energy Resources' Solar Electric Generating Systems (SEGS) in California’s Mojave Desert, are environmentally friendly, especially with respect to air pollution. Air emissions associated with generating electricity from solar technologies are negligible, because no fuels are burned, except on cloudy days when the SEGS facilities use a supplementary natural gas boiler to generate electricity. SEGS generation offsets approximately 3,800 tons of pollutants annually that would have been produced if the electricity had been provided by fossil fuels, such as oil.

Wildlife Protection

Wildlife protection is important. All employees are trained to recognize and report endangered plant and animal species, such as the Desert Tortoise and Wooly Sunflower. Tortoise fencing has been installed around the plant perimeter, and the fencing is inspected weekly for the protection of the tortoise.