Wind - Benefits of Wind Energy

Wind energy is especially attractive because of the following advantages:

Quick to market

The time it takes to construct a wind energy center is relatively short - from groundbreaking to commercial operation in six to nine months.

Competitive price

The cost of wind energy has decreased significantly - from 30 cents per kilowatt-hour (kwh) in the 1980s to NextEra Energy Resources' cost today of 2.5 cents to 7 cents per kwh. This cost is competitive with other forms of power generation. Also, there is no fuel-cost volatility.


Wind-generated power produces no air or water emissions, creates no solid waste byproducts and does not deplete natural resources such as coal, oil or gas. Wind is also a renewable resource, which means that the supply will not run out.

Portfolio diversity

Utilities and other energy businesses that add wind generation to their portfolios help diversify the nation's energy supply while meeting customers' electricity preferences.

Regulatory initiatives

Some states have instituted regulatory initiatives that encourage clean energy production, and wind energy can help meet those requirements.

Customer choice

More customers are requesting the option of purchasing renewable energy, such as wind, to meet their electricity needs.