Wind - Siting and Development

Siting a wind farm can be challenging. We must find just the right combination of wind conditions, power transmission lines and land to accommodate the wind farm.

NextEra Energy Resources pursues potential wind farms in areas where the wind blows steadily, consistently and unobstructed for much of the time. The ideal average wind speed is approximately 25 to 35 miles per hour.

Wind facilities must also be near high-voltage transmission lines that can carry power over long distances. These transmission lines must have the capacity to handle the additional generation.

Community Outreach

Once we have found the right location, we share information with landowners and others in the community to explain the process and listen to their comments. In some cases we are able to make design changes to address any issues that surface during this important community outreach process.

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Environmental Stewardship

We conduct environmental evaluations to assess the impact of the proposed wind energy center. We evaluate the effects of changes in landscape and water run-off. We identify sensitive areas, such as wetlands, and evaluate how animals and all other living things may be affected by the facility. We are especially interested in bird and bat issues that may need to be addressed.

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Quality of Life

We examine "quality of life" issues for those who will live near our wind turbines. For example, a wind turbine tower, like any other tall structure, will cast a shadow when the sun shines from behind it. The rotating rotor blades also produce a flickering effect when the sun is directly behind the turbine at dawn and dusk. To alleviate this, we seek to position the turbines so that they are not directly between the sun and the house at those times of the day.