Advocating Climate Change Protection

Using clean fuels

Generating electricity can be done in a sustainable way that minimizes impacts and slows climate change. NextEra Energy Resources produces electricity using zero-carbon and low-carbon emitting fuels -- the wind, sun, water, uranium (nuclear energy) and natural gas -- to fight climate change. In 2012, our total wind energy installed capacity was more than 10,000 megawatts. Every megawatt of electricity generated from a wind, solar or hydro plant is a megawatt of electricity that helps control climate change.

NextEra Energy Inc.'s involvement in climate change organizations

  • In 2003, we were the first electric company to join the EPA's "Climate Leaders" program. We vowed to reduce our carbon dioxide (CO2) production by 18 percent by 2008. We exceeded that goal!
  • We are a Pioneer Partner in the World Wildlife Fund's "PowerSwitch" program. We've committed to a 15 percent improvement in the efficiency of our power plants by 2020, from a 2000 baseline. This will avoid 19 million tons of CO2 emissions annually.
  • We're involved in U.S. Climate Action Partnership, a diverse group of U.S.-based businesses and leading environmental organizations that is calling upon the federal government to quickly enact mandatory economy-wide legislation to achieve significant reductions of greenhouse gas emissions. For more information about USCAP, go to
  • We have formally endorsed the Joint Statement of the Global Roundtable on Climate Change. This organization brings together high-level, critical stakeholders from all regions of the world to discuss and explore areas of potential consensus regarding core scientific, technological and economic issues critical to sound public policies on climate change. For a copy of the full statement and list of signatories, please see

NextEra Energy Resources also helps climate-change protection initiatives by offering customized renewable energy solutions

Using green power, offsetting carbon emissions and encouraging new clean energy development are all key drivers in building a clean energy future. We offer many products and services that can assist corporations, institutions and individuals to help play a role in fighting climate change.

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