Success is often achieved by raising the performance bar ever higher. At NextEra Energy Resources, our culture is one of quality and continuous improvement. We have challenged our employees to find new and better ways of doing business, and they have not disappointed us.

Six Sigma At Work

Today, NextEra Energy Resources is a high-performance organization that uses Six Sigma - a data-driven approach to continuously improve:
  • Work processes
  • Productivity
  • Efficiencies

Our Quality Culture

Quality and continuous improvement have been hallmarks of our company for some time. NextEra Energy, Inc., our parent company:
  • Developed statistical tools and processes that continue to drive results
  • Was first recognized almost two decades ago when NextEra Energy, Inc., was the first non-Japanese company to win the prestigious Deming Prize for Quality
NextEra Energy Resources has followed in that tradition, adopting Six Sigma as a way of doing business. Projects range from administrative to technical or equipment issues. The end result is added value to the company by streamlining processes and improving efficiencies.