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Together, we’ll help achieve your economic and environmental goals with cost-competitive renewable energy.


Whether running a single, family-owned company or an international corporation, business leaders are always trying to improve the bottom line. With bundled energy solutions such as on-site and universal solar, wind energy, energy storage, power marketing and more, NextEra Energy Resources helps companies like yours to:

  • Realize potential day-one savings* from your existing assets;
  • Generate solar energy during peak rate hours;
  • Protect against future energy pricing volatility;
  • Reach your sustainability and carbon reduction goals; and
  • Take advantage of federal and local tax incentives.

* Renewable energy solutions are customized. Pricing and savings vary based on location, weather, shade, system size, government rebates and local utility rates. Savings on your total electricity costs are not guaranteed. See our case studies to find out more.

BMW solar-powered building. Source: BMW

BMW Case Study

BMW added solar to its North American headquarters, bolstering its longstanding commitment to sustainability and a lower carbon footprint.


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