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Learn what a range of renewable energy solutions can do for your school or university.


When every spending decision has the potential to impact education, no one is more aware of the bottom line than school administrators. For those trying to reduce overhead, a renewable energy solution may reduce your future spending with no upfront costs.*

Your school or university can enter a long-term power purchase agreement to offset daily electrical expenses and ensure energy costs stay predictable into the future.

A renewable energy solution can enable your school or university to:

  • Generate your own clean, affordable electricity;
  • Lock in predictable, long-term energy rates and protect your school’s budget from energy price volatility;
  • Achieve sustainability goals; and
  • Educate students about renewable energy, supporting their commitment to the environment and their future.

* A renewable energy solution is customized for your school or university. Pricing and savings vary based on location, weather, shade, system size, government rebates and local utility rates. Savings on your total electricity costs are not guaranteed.

University of California (UC Irvine) solar-powered parking building

UC Irvine Case Study

UC Irvine installed three solar-powered parking structures totaling 3.2 megawatts of solar energy at no upfront cost to the university.


Tompkins Cortland Community College Solar Farm

Tompkins Cortland Community College

Tompkins Cortland Community College turned 10 acres of unused land into a 2.6 megawatt solar system with no upfront cost.


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