Missouri Osborn Wind Farm

We are one of the world’s largest generators of wind energy.

  • Wind is a clean, cost-competitive energy choice;
  • NextEra Energy Resources has more than 9,800 turbines operating in the U.S.; and
  • We have a net generating capacity of more than 14,100 megawatts of wind energy.

Take advantage of this infinite natural resource by procuring energy from a wind facility expertly operated by a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources.


Student Center Parking with rooftop solar panels

We are one of the largest generators of solar energy in North America.

  • Solar energy is a cost-competitive solution for customers;
  • Customers have options for on-site solar or community solar program participation; and
  • Solar resources can be maximized by adding energy storage.

Learn more about how we can work with you and your organization’s needs.


Bethlehem Solar Energy Panels

NextEra Energy Resources is one of the largest solar energy generators in North America.

  • We have more than 2,200 megawatts of universal-scale solar in operation;
  • We offer competitive pricing; and
  • Solar can be combined with other solutions, such as energy storage.


Energy Storage
NextEra Energy Resources employee inside Energy Storage System

With an experienced team, dedicated battery lab, sophisticated software and controls capability, we are a leader in battery energy storage.

  • Grid-scale and on-site distributed storage solutions address the intermittent nature of wind and solar energy;
  • Energy can be stored for use during peak hours or when sun and wind are at lower production levels;
  • Energy storage increases grid reliability; and
  • Helps manage energy costs.


Combined (Bundled) Energy Solutions

See how combinations of renewable energy solutions are benefitting our customers - and can work for you, too.