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Renewable energy strategies for investor-owned utilities, municipal utilities and electric cooperatives.


Investor-owned utilities, municipal utilities and electric cooperatives are looking for long-term strategies to address increased demand, compliance requirements, shifting regulatory environments and consumer interest in renewable energy. A renewable energy solution can help you meet those challenges.

By partnering with NextEra Energy Resources, utilities can:

  • Secure affordable and predictable long-term energy rates and protect against future price volatility;
  • Work with entities in your service area to develop back-to-back power purchase agreements;
  • Develop a strategy to locate solar assets alongside storage; and
  • Build systems from one to 100 megawatts or higher within your service area.
NextEra Energy Resources employees at  White Pine Solar Energy Center

Clean Energy Solutions for Utilities

Let us help you deliver the best energy options for your customers.


Old Mill Site transformed into a solar generation facility

Old Mill Case Study

Pacific Power turned an abandoned industrial site into a 6.8-megawatt solar system with no upfront cost.


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