What does NextEra Energy Resources look for in a site when building a renewable energy project?

NextEra Energy Resources looks for a location with good wind or solar resources, landowners who are interested in hosting our equipment and proximity to transmission lines.


If I have land and want you to assess its suitability for a renewable energy project, how do I get you to come out to look at it?

We cannot guarantee that we will assess every parcel of land presented to us. However, you can contact us.  


How much land does a wind or solar project require?

For wind, about 60 acres per turbine may be included in the easement, but that land will still be tillable. The area required for each turbine is far less than that included in the easement. For solar, it’s typically five to six acres of land for each megawatt.


Is there construction traffic?

Yes. During construction there will be additional traffic. Although the construction period is only a matter of months, it will require heavy equipment, including bulldozers, graders, trenching machines, concrete trucks, flatbed trucks and large cranes.


How long will it take to complete construction?

It depends on the size of the project. However, six to nine months is a reasonable time frame to build most wind projects, and six to 12 months for solar projects.

How much income is generated for a landowner?

Easement terms can vary widely, based on a number of factors. Commercial terms are negotiated between NextEra Energy Resources and the landowner.


What does a land easement cover?

The easement will generally cover payment terms, length of easement, other uses of the property, the location and type of access roads, other support facilities and the condition of the land after operations cease, as well as the landowner’s responsibilities and NextEra Energy Resources’ responsibilities.


Am I liable for accidents or injuries on my land?

No. Landowners are not liable for actions occurring on their property as a result of the equipment. Our contracts with landowners hold them harmless from liability resulting from hosting wind turbines and associated equipment on their property.


Is construction planned around harvest / planting seasons?

No. However, if you are a farmer, you are compensated for loss of crops during construction. Determining when construction begins will depend more on when the easements and permitting are complete, as well as having the wind farm operational before peak wind seasons arrive, which will vary by region.


Can I enter into a land rights agreement for other things if I have a land rights agreement with you?

Our option and our easement are only for the wind turbines. Landowners can enter into other agreements that do not interfere with the wind turbine equipment or operation.


Can I still have hunting leases after I sign?

Landowners hosting wind turbines can still have hunting leases. A number of our wind projects are on hunting camp property.


Who pays the taxes if I have wind energy equipment on my land?

NextEra Energy Resources pays the taxes on our generation equipment and infrastructure.


If I am a current landowner and have questions, who can I contact?

Please call 1-855-552-9872, and we will respond to your questions.