Golden Hill Wind Farm under development

How Renewable Energy Projects Work

We follow standardized processes, best practices and safe execution in developing our renewable energy projects. We are committed to meeting or exceeding all the regulatory requirements. Equally important, we engage with the community to ensure we select the most appropriate sites for generating renewable energy. We are respectful of our neighbors, and we work with the community from start to finish. While the development process may vary for wind sites and solar facilities, the basic steps are the same.

River Bend Solar Energy Center employees

NextEra Energy Resources pursues potential renewable energy sites where the wind or sun is consistently abundant. Data is collected and evaluated.

We want to make certain there is minimal impact to the environment and community. We then identify specific land with the best potential to generate electricity from renewable energy.

We work with many organizations to ensure we follow local, state and federal regulations to permit our projects, including environmental assessments; archaeological reviews and public meetings.

Wind sites can be built in six to nine months. Solar facilities are usually constructed in six to 12 months. We strive to leave the land in as good or better condition than we found it.

When construction is complete, the site is turned over to our staff who operate and maintain the facility.