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Nextera 360TM Software
Developers Conference

Nextera 360TM Software
Developers Conference


January 25 - 26, 2023

Manatee Lagoon, West Palm Beach, FL

The NextEra 360™ Software Developers Conference will introduce attendees to the NextEra 360 platform and Software Development Kit. This event is aimed at software developers, engineers, and product owners who are new to NextEra 360, as well as providing depth to those currently using it in their organization or as an integration layer for clients.

Attendees will learn from the NextEra 360 development team about the platform, and from partner organizations who are using the platform in their applications. The conference sessions and hands-on workshops will cover:

  • The NextEra 360 platform, customer stories, and product roadmap
  • Administration, the app marketplace, and integrations
  • Installing the NextEra 360 Software Development Kit
  • How to build Connectors to get your data into the platform and to publish instructions and information
  • How to build or use Add-Ins and Models to bring your services to NextEra 360 users


Day 1: Conference

Wednesday - January 25th, 2023

Session 1:
Welcome, Conference Keynote

Session 2:
Introduction to NextEra 360, Customer Success Stories

Session 3:
NextEra 360 Roadmap, Architecture & Security

Session 4:
Deep Dive: Connectors, Entitles and Dashboards

Session 5:
Deep Dive:  Models and Add-Ons


Day 2: Workshops

Thursday - January 26th, 2023

Workshop 1:
Kickoff and Development Environment Setup

Workshop 2:
NextEra 360 Connector Development

Workshop 3:
The NextEra 360 Marketplace

Workshop 4:
Model Development and Integration
Parallel session: NextEra 360 Connect Hardware Solutions

Workshop 5:
Bringing your NextEra 360 Application Together
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The event is hosted by the NextEra 360 Development team at NextEra Analytics, who have created the NextEra 360 energy optimization software platform to help our customers meet their sustainability goals and maximize value with real-time analysis, custom planning, and optimization for all their energy assets.

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