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NextEra Mobility guides your organization toward complete fleet electrification with our advisory services, best-in-class software, real-time data intelligence and infrastructure expertise.

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End-to-End Fleet Electrification

Electrification is the clean, affordable, and resilient option for your fleet. Each journey to electrify is different based on the specific goal your organization is looking to achieve and how far along your operations may be on the road to electrification. We customize our integrated products and solutions to suit your needs at your pace.

At NextEra Mobility, we help you achieve your fleet electrification goals by conducting strategic planning that selects the right assets, and working with you to design, build, and maintain the EV infrastructure your fleet needs. We also provide the energy procurement and utility management necessary to operate at scale. Explore our wide array of offerings to see which best fit your business.

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Converting an internal combustion engine (ICE) fleet to electric can be overwhelming. An electrification plan can take an organization months to build, especially if there’s a lack of expertise or resources. You'll need to understand how feasible it is to convert your current fleet. As part of that, you need to identify the right vehicles and chargers, as well as their associated costs. Then, you'll have to determine your fleet's ongoing charging and energy needs to develop the right infrastructure. As energy and mobility experts, we'll partner with you to create a comprehensive plan.

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eIQ Intelligence Advisory 

Our team of trusted consultants and data analysts evaluate your fleet and telematics data, sort through available options in the market, and provide clear guidance on what your options are. We use our in-house proprietary software, EValuateTM, leveraging vehicle-specific data to identify the exact Electric Vehicle (EV) makes and models, as well as the technical and economic feasibility ranking of ICE to EV conversion. We also provide total cost of ownership (TCO), emissions outcomes, charging infrastructure, including your best charger options and costs, energy demand by site, and more. You’ll receive data-driven recommendations throughout your journey, including operations and management, and you’ll have the benefit of expert support as you determine the best approach for your organization, from the C-Suite executives to operators and drivers. We’ve already put our formula to work for 100+ major customers, 200,000+ vehicles, 4.5+ million trips, and over 450 million miles of data.

Charge with Confidence 

We provide everything your business needs to charge your fleet efficiently, including determining which equipment will keep your vehicles charged throughout your schedule at the lowest cost. We also finance and install the charging infrastructure, including the grid interconnection process and utility upgrades when needed. Once the charging infrastructure has been installed, our software ZEViTM manages smart charging for vehicles, so they’re to be ready to go when you need them, while avoiding the risk of costly demand charges. These solutions are bundled together as Charging-as-a-Service, so your vehicles and chargers are always ready to go, and you can focus on your core business.

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Power it all

Selecting the best way to power your fleet can be challenging due to many logistical and technical hurdles, like grid interconnections and navigating time-of-use electricity prices that vary by region. However, we make it a seamless and turnkey process, thanks to our robust experience in managing every part of the journey and as part of NextEra Energy, the largest renewable energy developer in the US. With NextEra Mobility you get world-leading resilient and affordable, renewable energy, along with the infrastructure and software to run it all.

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Managing the energy needs of an electrified fleet can capture significant upside in terms of TCO, but it can also be complex when balancing fleet schedules, charging, and the requirements of the local utility. NextEra Mobility offers Energy-as-a-Service, where we manage your energy and charging, optimizing your charging and allowing you to access the best available energy prices and reduced costs. It includes access to renewable energy backed by NextEra Energy Resources, America’s premier clean energy leader. This helps you secure predictable, pre-negotiated monthly energy rates for reduced risks. Plus, we assist with managing your RECS, LCFS, and demand response. By using our ZEVi software, you can manage your energy use in real-time to keep your charging reliable and at a low cost.

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Clean Energy Procurement

Transitioning your fleets to electric means your operations will need more energy load, which requires a thorough procurement process and advance planning with your utility. At NextEra Mobility, we first assess your energy demands and forecast your future needs. Then we determine what types of generation work best in your geography and source clean energy options for you, selecting from the most competitive pricing in the market to keep your assets affordable.

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On-Site Energy Resources & Resilience

We can help power your EV charging infrastructure with on-site energy sources, leveraging NextEra Energy Resource's position as America’s largest producer of renewable energy to increase control over your energy and reduce your overall cost of operations. You can also plan for and mitigate outages by complementing your renewable energy sources with battery and non-battery services for added reliability. With the ability to design, build and finance your energy, we take care of it all for you.

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