Green Data Centers

Sustainable data centers are a service which utilize energy-efficient technologies. Here you can build and operate your data centers with clean, renewable energy so you can save money while meeting your emissions goal.

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Why It’s Important

It's estimated that data centers will consume 8% to 10% of the world’s global energy usage by 2030. To combat this, businesses like yours will need to reduce energy consumption to be able to meet future goals. Green Data Centers can help you do that, while reducing costs and taking advantage of potential tax incentives.

Why It Works for you  

Save Money While Going Green

NextEra Energy Resources can deploy a range of solutions customized for you—both in front of and behind the meter—to help you save money and meet your carbon reduction goals.


Large Portfolio for Development

We have access to renewable power because of our vast portfolio of land sited for utility-scale solar development.


Real “Green” and more!

Our green data centers are supplied with actual clean energy unlike many others. NextEra Energy Resources also has the ability to structure deals that contain Renewable Energy Certificates and carbon offsets.




NextEra Energy Resources is committed to the future of your business. Let’s partner together to achieve your decarbonization goals.

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