Renewable Energy Credits

Quick, easy and effective – Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) can offset your carbon footprint and help you meet your regulatory requirements.

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Why It’s Important 

RECs give you an immediate, simple and cost-effective way to both offset your carbon footprint and/or meet your regulatory requirements. One REC equals 1 MWh (megawatt hour) of electricity generated and delivered to the grid from a renewable energy resource. Electricity cannot be considered renewable without a REC to substantiate and validate it.

Why It Works for you  

Largest Provider of RECs

With more than three decades experience, NextEra Energy Resources is one of the largest marketers of RECs in North America and is active in all compliance markets across the U.S.


Immediate Benefit

RECs create an immediate and simple way to offset your carbon footprint or meet any regulatory requirements.


Flexible Terms

These RECs offer flexible and customizable terms with no long-term commitments.




NextEra Energy Resources is committed to the future of your business. Let’s partner together to achieve your decarbonization goals.

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