Refueling your operations with the right kind of clean energy can help drastically reduce your emissions. NextEra Energy offers a number of solutions to help fuel your business for a sustainable future.

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Fleet Electrification

A clean energy solution to help power your company’s energy needs.

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Green Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen and its many applications are widely viewed as the solution that can potentially help us achieve full decarbonization.

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Wholesale & Retail Supply

The breadth of our products and services makes NextEra Energy Resources an ideal risk management partner. We can assist with hedging power and gas-related price uncertainty, as well as procuring green attributes for your company.

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Modular Liquified Natural Gas

Modular Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) helps monetize stranded gas and presents a cleaner alternative fuel (vs. diesel), while reducing flaring as well.

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Renewable Fuels

Renewable fuels are produced from renewable resources, such as landfill gas, food waste and agricultural waste and byproduct. NextEra Energy has a rapidly growing presence in renewable fuels.

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NextEra Energy Resources is committed to the future of your business. Let’s partner together to achieve your decarbonization goals.

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