Fleet Electrification

NextEra Mobility is ready to guide fleets from Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) to Electric Vehicle conversion—the cleaner, more affordable and resilient fleet option.

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Why It's Important

Now is the time! The world is going electric. By 2035, it's estimated that the largest automotive markets will be fully electric. Electric Vehicles (EVs) have increasingly attractive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and are available to fleets. Some of the leading fleets in North America--including Comcast, Amazon, New York City and many state governments and school districts--have already committed to EVs. At NextEra Mobility, our trusted advisors, data-rich software and infrastructure expertise will guide you through every step of your electrification journey.

How It Works

Why It Works for you  

No Upfront Costs

We offer a simple, single energy services contract to enable fleet electrification with no upfront costs, including vehicle leasing and EV charging installation and operation.


Pair EVs with Renewables

NextEra Energy is uniquely positioned to pair fleet electrification with renewables and optimize your EV charging load with distributed generation and energy storage assets.


Simplify Fleet Electrification

Our proprietary software helps you break down your complex fleet electrification challenges, making your business smarter and lowering your operating costs.




We can meet you wherever you are on your journey to cleaner, more affordable and resilient fleets. We simplify the process of fleet electrification so you can remain focused on your core business. Let's get started today!

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