Green Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen and its many applications are widely viewed as the fuel solution that can potentially help us achieve full economy-wide decarbonization.

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Why It's Important

By powering the electrolysis that creates hydrogen from water with 100% carbon-free energy, green hydrogen is a zero-carbon alternative fuel source for numerous industrial and transportation and power generation applications.  It is also a powerful enabler of energy resiliency, offering long-duration storage and backup power solutions.

Why It Works for you  

Alternative Fuel

Green hydrogen, at the right price, could enable significant shifting from fossil fuels to clean power across many industries, creating significant financial savings and environmental benefits.


Reduce Emissions

A transition to hydrogen blend fuels allows industries to decarbonize their otherwise difficult to address Scope 1 fuel emissions, without having to make a significant change to their business operations.




NextEra Energy Resources is committed to the future of your business. Let’s partner together to achieve your decarbonization goals.

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