Smart Led Lighting

Upgrading your lighting system to smart LED lighting is a simple way to save on energy consumption and operating costs, while incorporating security, communications and information-gathering capabilities.

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Why It's Important

Smart LED streetlights, combined with the Internet of Things, deliver on community expectations for the newest and best innovations.  Smart technologies allow for remote management of individual lighting—as well as creating the potential for other benefits like Wi-Fi, weather meters, security systems and more.

Why It Works for you  

Energy Efficient

Switching to LED lighting typically saves 25-50% in energy over traditional technologies.


Cost Savings

Energy efficiency translates into cost savings for your organization that your stakeholders will appreciate.


No Upfront Costs

A lighting service contract enables you to upgrade with no upfront cost as we handle all aspects of the project, from initial design to responsive post-installation maintenance.




NextEra Energy Resources is committed to the future of your business. Let’s partner together to achieve your decarbonization goals.

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