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Planning and executing a decarbonization transition requires specific skills and expertise, and many companies aren’t sure how to begin. We take a tailored approach to help you set the right goals and take the right first steps.

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It's Easy to Get Started

In just three simple steps we can get your organization on the path to net-zero. As clean energy experts and your energy partner, we’ll guide you through the process with ease.

Measure Baseline

First, we need to understand your current energy usage to measure and benchmark your carbon emissions. To do this, we’ll evaluate your real-time energy consumption data across all facilities, operations and fleets, and forecast demand using advanced analytics.


Set Goals

Establishing decarbonization goals can feel overwhelming, but armed with your benchmark emission data, we’ll help you identify carbon-reduction goals that make sense for you. It's important to think big at first but follow with tangible, realistic targets that can be achieved over time.


Develop a Plan 

With your new targets set, we can determine the best course of action to reach them. Although your specific decarbonization strategy may not be a simple formula, we will choose, combine, and customize the right solutions for your needs.


Based on where you are in your decarbonization journey, the following products and solutions are recommended to get you started. Should we partner together, we would work with you to create a more detailed recommendation based on your unique needs.

Features & Benefits

Ease of Execution

No need for complex contracts or extensive work streams to execute solutions

Low capital Expenditure

Realize carbon & cost reductions while avoiding capital-intensive projects

Low Risk

Exposure to energy market volatility and operational risks are minimal

Speed of Impact

Execute in months instead of years and make real strides towards your goals
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Zero Carbon Blueprint™

NextEra Energy Resources has developed the Zero Carbon Blueprint, a comprehensive carbon emissions reduction plan, to outline the steps it would need to take to achieve its goals and track its progress.

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