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Congratulations on establishing a leadership position in sustainability. Now it’s time to solve for the challenging final leg of your journey. Identifying and executing bespoke solutions for advanced firms like yours is complex. It’s important understand your options and when to act.

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It's Easy to Get Started

We’ll help you reach and exceed your carbon reduction targets in three simple steps. As clean energy experts and your energy partner, we’ll guide you through the process with ease.

Measure Baseline

First, we need to understand your current energy consumption and carbon reduction measures already in place to measure and benchmark where you are today. Our analytics platform will aggregate all your energy consumption, carbon emissions, and forecast net demand into one dashboard.


Optimize & Prioritize

Our advanced energy analytics tools will help you optimize your energy usage and reveal which energy solutions and projects you should focus on to achieve your financial and sustainability goals. We’ll use the unique and specific data of your facilities to produce highly customized and actionable recommendations.


Deploy Solutions

Using the customized recommendations from Step 2, you’re ready to move into action. Through our diverse portfolio of offerings and solutions, we can help you go the final mile. There’s no need for you to find, vet, hire and oversee multiple vendors to complete your initiatives and achieve your final goals.


Based on where you are in your decarbonization journey, the following products and solutions are recommended. Should we partner together, we would work with you to create a more detailed recommendation based on your unique needs.

Features & Benefits

Reduce Energy Costs

Optimizing your energy usage & renewable assets will allow you to reduce overall consumption needs and costs.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Make progress across your organization’s Scope 1, 2 and 3 emission goals.

Improve Company Image

Your commitment to sustainability positively impacts stakeholder perceptions.

Improve Energy Resiliency

Multiple energy sources protects your building’s equipment & product.
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Zero Carbon Blueprint™

NextEra Energy Resources has developed the Zero Carbon Blueprint, a comprehensive carbon emissions reduction plan, to outline the steps it would need to take to achieve its goals and track its progress.

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