In the unlikely event of an emergency at the Point Beach Nuclear Power Plant, you will be notified through a variety of methods.

The Emergency Alert System will be activated. The Emergency Alert System is a group of radio stations that broadcast official information during an emergency. The Emergency Alert System is the direct link between you and the people responsible for your safety. Instructions may be given to you at any hour, day or night, and will include recommendations as to what you should do for your protection. Do not worry if you miss the beginning of an emergency broadcast as the information will be repeated regularly.

Radio stations

  • Cleveland:
    • WLKN 98.1 FM
  • Manitowoc/Two Rivers:
    • WCUB 980 AM
    • WLTU 92.1 FM
    • WOMT 1240 AM
    • WQTC 102.3 FM
  • Denmark:
    • WGBW 1590 AM
  • Sturgeon Bay:
    • WDOR 910 AM
    • WDOR 93.9 FM
    • WAUN 92.7 FM
    • WBDK 96.7 FM
    • WRKU 102.1 FM
    • WRLU 104.1 FM
    • WQDC 97.7 FM

Mobile alerts

If an emergency occurs at the Point Beach Nuclear Power Plant that requires you to take action, emergency management officials will send out automatic alert messages to cell phones in the area.  There is no need to sign up for this service.


During an emergency, up-to-date information will be posted on this website.

You can also find information about emergency preparedness on these websites:

Manitowoc County

Kewaunee County

Spanish and Hmong speakers


lus Hmoob

Additional means of notification

During an emergency local fire, police and emergency officials may patrol affected areas within the Emergency Planning Zone to broadcast information via loudspeakers and/or go door-to-door to ensure residents are aware of the situation.