Campus & District Energy

We develop, build, own and operate resilient, sustainable, and low-cost campus energy solutions for universities, business, and municipalities. We’re building energy partnerships for living, changing, and growing campuses. Working with NextEra Energy Resources means engaging with a partner who can not only manage today’s infrastructure and energy needs, but also deliver a clean energy future, leveraging our breadth of experience and expertise:

  • Technical Expertise:  In-house central utility planning, development, engineering and construction;
  • Construction, Operations and Management Track Record:  More than 30 years of central utility plant experience on projects company-wide;
  • Certainty: As a partner, we offer a single point for project ownership and operations to provide reliable system performance and operations at reduce costs; and
  • Meeting Sustainability Goals: As the world’s leader in battery storage and clean energy production from the Wind and the Sun, we offer a combination of energy solutions that cannot be found elsewhere in the marketplace from one company.

Combined Heat and Power

On-site combined heat and power (“CHP”) energy generation reduces costs, improves resiliency, and supports sustainability goals. 

  • Generate electricity onsite while capturing waste heat with an integrated heat recovery system to supply steam and/or hot water to the facility;
  • Improve sustainability by using less fuel to generate two sources of energy (electricity and thermal);
  • Lock in pricing today and protect against energy price volatility;
  • Offset the costs of needed boiler or other thermal equipment replacement;
  • Refresh existing CHP or central plant operations with a no out-of-pocket capital solution; and
  • Take advantage of federal, state and local tax incentives and grants


A microgrid can be a means to generate reliable on-site power, increase resiliency, and secure green energy benefits. We are one of the few firms that has the breadth and depth of competencies to act as a single interface for resilient microgrid development. Due to our size and financial strength, NextEra Energy Resources can finance complex and multi-stage projects that require sophistication and credibility in working with stakeholders, policymakers and utilities.

Microgrid Benefits:

  • Resiliency: ability to operate in parallel or islanded from the grid, keeping critical loads operational in the event of a grid failure
  • Sustainability: integrating solar and storage, microgrids can reduce emissions, lower line losses by generating energy on-site, and minimize your carbon footprint
  • Reliability: integrating energy storage and firm generation provides reliability to critical infrastructure and a back up to the utility grid

Infrastructure Financing and Acquisition

Our team can build a customized solution to deliver sustainable campus energy solutions, on our balance sheet, allowing you to focus your efforts and capital on your mission.

If you are an existing infrastructure asset owner or developer with a project to sell, you can rely on NextEra Energy Resources to:

  • Acquire your project on balance sheet, often with no requirements for outside debt and tax equity;
  • Quickly reach a signed Letter of Intent (LOI);
  • Efficiently complete the due diligence process;
  • Develop a comprehensive purchase agreement;
  • Contribute cash to finalizing the development efforts; and
  • Work closely with you throughout the process, leveraging our in-house subject matter experts.